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November 4, 2015
Pierre Wattré

I recently discovered the perfect tool to design beautiful visuals in minutes, or even seconds, directly from your browser:

From the homepage, you can pick between creating a visual with custom sizes or selecting one of the optimised sizes for specific content, such as Facebook Post, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Pin, Instagram Post etc…

After picking a size for your visual, you are offered the choice to pick an existing template or create your own visual from scratch. There is already a good amount of templates which should give you inspiration to convey your message efficiently, and on top of that, each template is fully customisable.

You can pick backgrounds and graphics from a library with hundreds of choices or upload your own images, which are saved in the “My Media” tab between logins.

The current editing tools include effects on background such as darken, blur, overlay, saturation etc… Color editing for unicolor graphics and shapes, and a simple text editor.

All items align to each other and center to other items very easily so getting a good visual in a limited time is quite easy.


Currently in beta, Snappa is adding features regularly, the latest major update happened earlier today, with social integrations for Facebook and Twitter, meaning you can post your visuals without leaving the Snappa dashboard.

The service will launch officially in a few weeks, adding a paid version and limiting certain access for users on the free plan. One thing worth noting though, is that all beta users will have an opportunity to lock in their pro accounts at huge savings, according to an e-mail sent today by the company.

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